Exclusive Designs are OUT of the VAULT until 11:59 PM on Sunday, 7.6.24.


FAQ for Applique/Embroidery Designs:

➡️ Are your designs offered in other finishing stitches such as zigzag, satin and etc.?

No, not at this time. I’ve been in the embroidery business for 7 years. In this biz, I know time is money so I had a vision to create unique, cute stitch designs that you can get on and off your machine quickly. Y’all, TIME is money. If you are working on a shirt for 2-3 hours- how do you make money? You can’t unless you charge for your time to.  This is why I wanted to create quick stitch designs for y’all! Plus, I personally love the hand drawn simple designs. At this time, I just want to stay in my lane and stick to the quick stitch designs. I have a passion for it! Hope this helps! ❤️

➡️ What is the trick to bean stitch designs?

First and foremost, you must use heat and bond lite under your fabrics. Also, don’t cut all the way to the stitches. Leave just a bit around. The edges will fray on the ends after washing a bit but it just adds more character to the design. I love that look! ❤️

➡️ Does the name tags boxes come with your designs?

Some designs come with them and some don’t. I’m a huge fan of name tags with designs. Find our Name Tag bundle here: https://sewingseedsdesigns.com/collections/name-tags

➡️ How do I download the designs I purchased on the website?

All download links are emailed to you immediately after you checkout.  Check your email for download links. We ask that you star or flag these emails so you can go back later and download them, if needed.  All orders starting October 2020 and going forward can download under your account on our website.  This is a new feature we added to help you keep up with your downloads.  

➡️ Have questions? 

Email us at help@shopsewingseeds.com 

Refund/Duplicate Design Purchases: We are sorry but we no longer offer refunds or a design replacement . Please double check that you haven’t purchased the design prior to purchasing.


You MUST have an embroidery machine to use these designs as well as a way to unzip the files and get them to your embroidery machine!

All designs are available for instant download! -Due to the electronic nature of the product- refunds are NOT offered.


You are ALLOWED to do the following with our applique/embroidery designs:

- You may use the applique/embroidery designs to sew on items for personal use.

- You may sell items you have sewn with our designs in your small business, on your personal website, Etsy, Craft shows, and etc.

-You may use our SEWING SEEDS designs for small commercial jobs NOT to exceed 50 products. ******NO MASS PRODUCTION

- You MUST contact us to purchase a commercial license. Email us at hello@shopsewingseeds.com if you need to purchase a commercial license.

You are NOT allowed to do the following with our applique/embroidery designs: 

-You are NOT allowed to sell, resell, share, giveaway and/or copy the digital designs in part or whole. This includes if you decide to sell your embroidery machine. You CANNOT give our designs to the new owner. You must remove our designs from the embroidery machine.

-You CANNOT use our designs and sell or claim them as your own.

-You CANNOT alter our designs in any way and sell or claim them as your own.

-You CANNOT share or give away our designs for free.

-You CANNOT use any parts of our designs to create your own designs in part or whole and sell on a competitor website.

-You CANNOT use our fonts to create embroidery designs of your own and then sell the digital embroidery file of those designs.

-You MAY NOT use our designs for heat transfers or screen printing.

-You MAY NOT use our designs for vinyl.

-You MAY NOT use our designs for vinyl designs using a cutting machine such as Silhouette Cameo, Cricut or the like.

-You MAY NOT use our designs to create printed paper items.

-You MAY NOT use our designs to create sublimation items.

-You MAY NOT use our designs for web design graphics.

-You MAY NOT use our designs for logos.

-You MAY NOT use our designs to make cutting machine files out of any of our designs for personal or commercial use.

-You MAY NOT use our deigns for mass production.

-You MAY NOT use our designs to create bulk items to be sold wholesale to retail stores or wholesaled to larger companies or internet sites or any other means. You will need to purchase a commercial license from us in order to sell wholesale to retail stores.

-You MAY NOT use our photos as your own work. We have amazing testers that work hard on these photos. Please stitch your own sample out and post your  work only in your Etsy shop, FB page, group and/or website. We love seeing your stitch outs.  Post them in our FB group! Can't wait to see your creations!

*** IMPORTANT:  All designs are the intellectual property of Sewing Seeds. All copyrights remain with Sewing Seeds. By purchasing our digital designs, you have permission to use that design file on your items.  It does not give you the right to resell the design.

-All designs have been tested.

-All designs have been personally digitized by me.

REFUNDS: Due to the digital nature of this product refunds are unavailable.

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If there are any questions about the above policies, please contact us. You may email us at help@shopsewingseeds.com.


This is a PNG file file.  This is NOT used with an embroidery machine.  It is for printing only. 

Digital designs by Sewing Seeds are to be used for personal or small business commercial use ONLY. Small business license is for 100 end products. After 100, you need to contact  us for licensing information for larger production. 

You MAY NOT use these files to create your own designs to sell. 

You MAY NOT share, send or sell our files nor claim them as your own work.

You MAY use this design to create physical goods ONLY.

You MAY NOT digitize design into an embroidery file (for personal or commercial use).

You MAY NOT sell transfers using our designs or outsource our designs to be made into transfers.  

You may NOT use this file on 3rd party printing or print-on-demand websites, such as but not limited to Cafe Press, Amazon Merch, Zazzle and/or etc. 

You MUST put a watermark over images when displaying them on Instagram, Facebook, Websites, etc. unless on mockups.  

Please NOTE: Image colors vary from screen to screen. All digital images are test pressed. If you have major color variance, you may need to adjust your printer's setting. 

Due to the nature of this product NO refunds will be given.  

Credit for image is not necessary, but very much appreciated. 

By purchasing this file, you agree to the terms and conditions stated above.  

Sewing Seeds owns the copyright to all files.